5 Advantages to Healthy Habits–Start This Holiday Season!

What are healthy habits? What are the benefits of these habits? Being physically active, eating well, and avoiding harmful substances lead to benefits of better mental, physical and emotional health. You feel more positive, energized and ready to come up with solutions to life’s problems more easily. Changing your mindset to develop healthy ha....

Can Letting Go of Controlling Others Make Us Happier? And What Does Personality Have to Do with It?

Ask yourself: how does it feel when someone tries to control what you do? Being controlled is no fun—and that’s why we naturally tend to push back. That includes actions that loved ones want us to take to better our health.

Relationships Suffer When We Look to Control Others

For example your attempts to ....

HealthTypeLLC Promotes Lifestyle Change as Medicine!

HealthTypeLLC, now officially registered as a company, has been collaborating to develop a program for preventing and treating conditions such as diabetes and heart disease. Healthy eating,  physical activity, adequate high quality sleep, avoiding risky substance use, managing stress, getting social support and love are all the corn....

A New Focus for HealthTypeLLC!

HealthTypeLLC blog has been on a hiatus over the past couple of years. We continued to be active on FB and Twitter and appreciate the many new followers over recent months. We are gearing up to come back in full swing with a brand new website and web-based app focused on happiness at later this fall. The myhappyavat....

Personality Highlights–How Can ISTP Achieve Happiness and Health?

You get energized by things that you can fully understand and define. You achieve healthy habits with a practical, flexible plan and solving problems along the way.

Take time alone to help find your motivation for change based on logical reasoning. Seek hands-on direct experience to prepare for making the change.

Assure your plan....

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