Personality Highlights–How Can ISTP Achieve Happiness and Health?

You get energized by things that you can fully understand and define. You achieve healthy habits with a practical, flexible plan and solving problems along the way.

Take time alone to help find your motivation for change based on logical reasoning. Seek hands-on direct experience to prepare for making the change.

Assure your plan has outlines the step-by-step actions needed to achieve your goal, allows for spontaneity. Include activities that excite the senses and offer enjoyable sensations. Get a good grasp about how these activities have a place in your life.

Set up external reminders, such as walking/running shoes by the door. When you do an activity, focus totally on the present moment and the external reality. For example note how your muscles feel or eat mindfully, paying attention to the textures, sounds, and tastes in your mouth. Savior those moments. Try different activities at varying times throughout the week so you don’t get bored.

Reflect on practical solutions if you encounter barriers. Use your natural ability to figure things out and overcome hurdles along the way. Engage in solitary activities to regain energy. If you have a setback, consider whether you gave yourself enough flexibility and spontaneity in your plan. To keep things interesting, use your natural skill at being spontaneous to substitute an activity or food with new healthy ones. Use trial and error to see which one can get you on track.

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