Personality Highlights–How Can ISFJ Achieve Happiness and Health?

You are energized and engaged most when you can recall detailed memories from the recent or distant past. You can achieve healthy habits through a consistent plan that fosters service to others, as well as helping yourself.

Learn new information and skills to prepare for change by making connections between intended habit and the practical knowledge and skills you already have. Get energized for the habit change by doing refreshing reflective and solitary activities. Connect your goal with important people in your life and ways to create harmony and affirm them.

Prepare well. Obtain all of the necessary facts and details about how to accomplish your goal. Assure the safety of your plan by learning correct techniques and getting familiar with the fitness center. Understand how the change can be integrated into your routine and define your specific expectations as a result of the change.

Develop a scheduled plan with small, concrete and sequential steps that lead to the ultimate goal. Make sure your plan is detailed, accurate and precise and that you have addressed all of the necessary steps and how-to’s. Find ways to involve others in your activities so that you are supporting and affirming each other in pursuing your health goals.

As you proceed with your plan, pay attention to the details of each experience while doing the steps in your plan. Commit the details to memory, such as locations of healthy items at the grocery store. This helps the new routine become familiar and comfortable.

Reinforce your new habit by recalling detailed memories of enjoyable and positive sensations and experiences with activities similar to the new activity, such as enjoying tasty fruit salad or the bodily sensations when running. If you encounter setbacks, review the details of what happened. Did you were chose activities you were confident you could do? Revise your plan accordingly and make sure you have a concrete, step-by-step plan. The latter will help you succeed.

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