Personality Highlights–How Can ESFJ Achieve Happiness and Health?

You get energized by interacting with others and affirming their actions. You can achieve healthy habits by cooperating with others to help them, as well as yourself. Use a buddy or coach to help draw out and clarify your motivation and your decision to make a change.

As you learn the skills for your new habit, reflect on what works and what feels good. Connect new information with past positive experiences with actions similar to your goal. Remember how your role models and other important people have made similar changes. How can the change bring you closer to people who are important to you?  How can you involve others so that you can support and show you appreciate each other?

More than many other personalities, you will need to anticipate conflicts others as a result of making a change. Talk to him or her about ways you can adjust the plan to reach an agreement.  As you begin to do the activities in your action plan, make sure your plan has a clear purpose, is scheduled and is broken into very specific steps that can achieved efficiently. Recall the step-by-step details of what has worked for you in the past and include them now.

If you encounter setbacks, talk to family and important people in your life and get support, especially for practical needs (such as watching the kids while you go to the gym).  Share your new understanding with others who are doing similar activities so that you can be supportive of each other. Make sure to revise the plan with specific steps that have worked for you or someone else in the past.

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