Reasons To Include Raisins in Your Menu


Raisins are one of the most consumed dried fruits not just because they have a refreshing and sugary taste but because there are many healthy benefits stored in the form of concentrated nutrients.

Consuming all kinds of fruit is very good for your health, but according to a study done by the University of Connecticut, dried fruit (such as raisins) has more calories that can help you consume less other types of food that is unhealthy. It can help you lose weight, as long as you eat dried fruit sparingly.

Here are a few reasons to include raisins in your regular menu:

Raisins are a lower glycemic index choice.

They have low-to-moderate glycemic index which is makes them a better snack choice for people with diabetes, compared with higher glycemic index foods, such as processed, sugary foods. According to some studies, raisin consumption can lower the insulin response in those with diabetes and can help regulate your sugar absorption.

Raisins can help prevent heart disease.

According to some studies, raisin consumption can lower the levels of serum low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (bad cholesterol) and triglyceride levels, which usually are linked to developing heart diseases. Also raisin consumption can be related to low oxidative stress and reduction of oxidative biomarkers that increase in persons with heart disease.

Raisins can help you lose weight (if eaten in moderation).

As we previously mentioned raisin consumption can lead to satiety or a feeling of fullness which can reduce consumption of other food and help you lose weight. This works, as long as you are careful the amounts you eat. (Dried fruit is higher in calories than fresh fruit.) They are a potential good snack choice for kids, as well as adults, to satiate the dessert cravings.

Raisins can make your bones stronger.

One cup of raisins a day equals the recommended calcium daily intake, and can help you prevent arthritis and osteoporosis. Also raisins contain the micronutrient – boron that helps you in the calcium absorption. Of course, you need to lower your intake of other calorie dense foods to offset eating a cup of raisins.

Raisins are a good choice in treating infections.

They contain polyphenols with anti bacterial and anti inflammatory properties which makes them effective choice while threatening infections

Raisins can help you prevent cancer.

Even though it may sound strange raisins are very rich in antioxidants which can prevent your cells from free radical damage which helps in preventing cancer. Specifically this means they are rich in a polyphenolic antioxidant called catechin that, in many cases, is known as a protector against cancer.

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