Liana Lianov, MD, MPH, FACPM


Dr. Liana Lianov founded HealthTypeLLC as a result of her lifelong passion for exploring what nudges people toward health and happiness. She conducts workshops on using personality strengths to reach these goals. She is board certified in Preventive Medicine and Internal Medicine, completed a Psychiatry fellowship, and is a national leader in the Lifestyle Medicine movement. Lifestyle Medicine promotes healthy living not only to prevent, but also treat, chronic diseases.

She currently serves as the Immediate Past President of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine and a consultant with the American College of Preventive Medicine (ACPM). She served two terms on the ACPM board of regents and as Assistant Professor at the University of California Davis for two decades. She also contributed as the Health and Wellness Special Interest Group coordinator for the Association of Psychological Type International.

Her other roles have included Vice President of Clinical Operations at Berkeley HeartLab, where she directed a national cardiovascular disease and lifestyle management program; Director of the Healthy Lifestyles Division at the American Medical Association; and chief of the California Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Program and women’s cancer programs at the California Department of Public Health.

Dr. Lianov’s personality preferences best match ENFP—the group whose motto is “squeeze the most out of life.” She is an active artist in her community—working with oils, pastels and mixed media. Her energy and source of happiness is engaging with others about their life goals and exploring new places across the globe. Her physical activity of choice is briskly walking in serene outdoor settings. Her favorite fruit is the raspberry (such a decadent flavor!) and her favorite vegetable is the roasted red bell pepper.


Eva Piperevska


Eva Piperevska is a digital marketer with more than six years experience. 

Very curious person and Gemini by heart, loves doing everything related to marketing, event management, advertising and social media.

She is also involved in freelance projects like organizing the most awesome events in Macedonia – Digital Seminars, Silicon Drinkabout and StartUp Weekend Skopje. She is member of the Macedonian association for digital marketing education – InformaEdu and the macedonian PR association, startup enthusiast and active member of the macedonian startup ecosystem.




Turn Your Smartphone into Your Happy, Healthy Avatar!

The book How Happy is Your Avatar? shows you how to use your smartphone to boost your mood and health. Get answers to the following and more!

  • How do you personalize health and happiness habits?
  • How do you avoid a brain drain from your interactions with the phone?
  • How do you navigate the tens of thousands of health apps?
  • How do you use the phone to work with and follow recommendations from your doctor?

The smartphone has awesome potential to engage us. Look around in any line, waiting room or other opportunity to squeeze in a minute to check the phone! You likely are among the increasing group of individuals who are addicted to their phones. This addiction has a physiologic basis with both upsides and downsides.

How Happy is Your Avatar? explores both the bright side and the dark side of our smartphone era. Learn how to manage your use of the phone for happiness and health. The book also gives you a peek at how to take advantage of your personality strengths when using the phone to feel better physically and emotionally.

Explore what you need in order for you to easily make a habit change and how the smartphone can help you at each step of the way. The steps include the motivation to make the change, the knowledge about what to do and how to do it, the ability to actually do it, and triggers and supports in your environment to continue to do it. With these steps you can build habits that create a happier you—and a happier avatar!


Meet your happy, healthy avatar!

My Happy Avatar™ app series gets you recharged emotionally. Infuse positive activities into your everyday life. Increase your awareness about what is going well for you. Keep “top of mind” your:

  • brain strengths,
  • character strengths
  • resources, and
  • supports.

Get weekly suggestions for activities for happiness and health based on your personality and strengths. When you feel better emotionally and more confident about yourself and your life despite any challenges, you will feel more ready to achieve other life and health goals. Check out details at

The previous myhappyavatar™ app will continue to be offered as the action plan app for That app guides you to plan and follow activities that boost your mood and your health. Receive that advice customized to your personality strengths. Look at your whole lifestyle balance.

  • boosting your mood
  • doing well-being activities
  • eating healthy
  • being physical active
  • limiting harmful substances
  • getting the right amount of sleep

These activities combined lead to your happiness and feeling physically better! Feeling better emotional and physically can also lead to losing weight in a healthy way. Use this app by itself to help you plan a balanced happy, healthy lifestyle or use it to complement other fitness apps, sensors or tracking devices you are using.

The My Happy Avatar companion book guides you to use your phone to achieve happiness and health. Learn what to look for when choosing apps and how to take tiny steps that fit your personality strengths.


My Happy Avatar

The ebook My Happy Avatar, available on Amazon and many other distributors, describes how your mobile phone can help you reach your goals. You will learn to use your phone in several ways to make progress:

  • Receive reminders of actions you would like to take regularly to boost your mood and health in a way that fits your preferences and life
  • Get support from your family, friends and your health care provider
  • Consider and explore new happiness and health goals
  • Obtain how-to instructions and feedback from health professionals
  • Get energized to make the changes you need
  • Track not just your fitness numbers (such as steps taken or calories consumed), but al of the emotional and physical activities that balance your life to boost your mood and health.



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HealthType LLC is developing innovative ways to use its personality-based health behavior model to enhance health programs and mobile technologies, including worksite programs. The tool is patient-centered and can enhance existing programs. The app engages users in happiness activities and tracking their mood and positive experiences, and includes a full spectrum of well-being activities. It can be used in conjunction with activity and diet trackers, sensors and other devices. The gamification point system and links to social networks also fit well with competitions and incentives offered at worksites.

To learn more about how to partner on this groundbreaking work, please contact us.


HealthType LLC is developing innovative ways to use its health behavior model to enhance health programs and mobile technologies. The goal is to develop a series of personalized apps based on personality and cognitive strengths that can impact user engagement and behavior sustainability.

To learn more about how to partner on this groundbreaking work, please contact us.

Physicians and Health Professionals

The health community is looking for health behavior change innovations and this is your opportunity to participate by applying an enhanced stages-of-change (transtheoretical) model for behavior change. Contribute to this innovation for improved outcomes.

HealthType LLC is studying patient outcomes resulting from the use of the tool to boost emotional well being and enhance disease management and health behavior change programs and services. The tool is patient-centered and designed as a stand-alone program or one that can be followed between clinical encounters. You can apply your usual program and refer patients to use the app to boost their success. The app engages patients to do happiness related activities and track their mood and experiences. It can be used in conjunction with activity and diet trackers, sensors and other devices.

To learn more about how to partner on this groundbreaking work, please contact us.

Health Coaches

Discover how to apply the unique HealthType LLC framework of personalizing the coaching approach not only according to the client’s readiness level, but also according to her personality strengths and preferences. HealthType LLC is studying ways to adjust motivational interviewing and cognitive behavioral techniques for health behavior change according to personality type. The model will be incorporated in the coach web app coming soon!

Share your ideas with like-minded colleagues on how to tailor coaching on our social media. To learn more about receiving coaching materials at a deep discount, please contact us.


Join the unique group of individuals interested in learning more about how to use their personality-based brain strengths to reach health and happiness goals. Despite the glut of information, blogs, forums and apps on wellness and fitness, you will find very little information on personality and health.

Now you can open the door to an individualized path to health and happiness!

How do you use your mind and personality strengths? Share your ideas on social media!

To explore more about how we can help your group or to arrange a presentation or workshop that addresses the needs of your community, please contact us.

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