Personality Highlights–How Can ESTP Achieve Happiness and Health?

You get energized by fully experiencing your senses and bodily sensations in the moment. You can achieve healthy habits through realistic pursuit of practical, adaptable, and fun goals.

Commit to making a health and happiness habit based on the logical rationale behind the intended habit. Make sure you understand how the specific change fits with who you are and your goals. Learn any necessary new skills with hands-on, direct experience. Set concrete, achievable goals. Spell out the concrete steps in the plan. But leave the schedule open-ended, but stick to your overall goal. Consider competitive sports and activities in high energy action-packed settings. Choose healthy meals that give you a sense of adventure and that are attractive.

As you start to do the activities in the plan, reinforce the new activity by emphasizing spontaneous activities that excite the senses.  Interact with the outside world as much as possible to gain the energy to sustain the habit—as long as you can stay focused. If you encounter setback, you are naturally adept at solving problems or challenges “in the moment.” Get help from a buddy or mobile app to remind you stay on task and be accountable. 

If you have a setback, make sure you understand what happened. Did something unusual get in the way? Identify ways to overcome barriers and be prepared to use them “in the moment” as soon as you notice you are getting off track.  Always look for practical solutions to obstacles. Hands-on, trial-and-error methods of problem-solving will likely work best for you. Set up external cues to stay on track.

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