Personality Highlights–How Can INTJ Achieve Happiness and Health?

You get energized by paying attention to your insights and sense of what is right for yourself. You can achieve healthy habits through your drive to pursue self-improvement and move closer to your health vision.


Spend time alone to draw out your insights about your goal or intended habit change and identify solutions to potential barriers. What do you know will best help achieve your goals? Turn to a coach or trusted someone who can draw out your commitment to making the change based on objective data.


Design an action plan that allows you to feel in control of and organize your surroundings to accommodate your new habit.  Use precise language in your structured plan so that you are clear about how each step will lead to the next to reach your ultimate goal. Include challenges that promote self-mastery.



Stick with your plan, by taking solitary time to reflect on what is going well and positive hunches about your choices. Reinforce your commitment by focusing on the fact that you know the change is right for you. What is your insight about the consequences of making a habit change? Review the science behind the health habit you are thinking about. Figure out the logic and objective rationale that supports the change. Ask your doctor and other experts for resources to read and further consider. 


While performing physical activities, focus internally to energize yourself. Read or concentrate on something else during repetitious activities. Choose foods that you feel are right for your body. Consider using a system that allows you to shop efficiently for healthy items. Look for rating scales of the health value of food. Set a regular visit with a good friend at a restaurant that serves some healthy options or meet at the farmer’s market.


If you encounter setbacks, consider how to organize your life or develop a system to help you succeed next time.  Pay attention to the insights you have about how to get back on track. Use your insights about what went wrong how to get around that problem in your revised action plan.


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